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Our clips are manufactured to the specifications of our parent company, Stimpson Co., Inc., commonly referred to as the world's leading manufacturer of quality metal fasteners and an ISO 9001 certified company. These clips, used as the sustainers in our wick-clip assemblies, are manufactured with care and precision, matching an attention to quality with a desire for innovation.

Safety Length Wick Clip diagramAll of our clips are manufactured from .010 tin coated steel, 25% heavier than many of the clips currently being offered. This ensures the strength of the clip as it accepts the crimp and stabilizes the wick-clip assembly. We choose to use tin coated steel as it helps to inhibit, though not totally prevent, corrosion and thereby is preferable to plain steel. This provides our Customers with that added measure of quality.

Wicks Unlimited's wick-clip assemblies can be furnished from a selection of 28 different clips as chosen to meet the requirements of your candle. Clips are available in five choices of overall heights: 3.8mm, 6mm, 10mm, 13mm, 14.5mm, and a full line of self-centering tabs.

Industry Standards

industry standards wick clips
Industry Standard wick-clips are available in 3.8mm standard length, in two hole sizes and two base diameters.

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Medium Lengths

medium lengths wick clips
Medium Length wick-clips are available in 6.0mm length, in two hole sizes and two base diameters.

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Safety Lengths

safety length wick clips
Safety Length wick-clips are available in 10.0mm length, in two hole sizes and two base diameters.

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Extra Safety Lengths

extra safety length wick clips
In response to our customers' requirements, we have added four additional Extra Safety Length wick-clips, our longest length for maximum safety.

Extra Safety Length wick-clips are available in 13.0mm -14.5mm lengths.

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Self-Centering Clips

self centering wick clips for jars and votives
Wicks Unlimited's innovative new line of self-centering wick-clip assemblies...

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Specialty Clips

specialty wick clips
Specialty wick-clips are available in...

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