Wicks Unlimited, a division of Stimpson Company, Inc.

What Makes us a Better Choice... A Dedication to Quality.

When we present the advantages that Wicks Unlimited offers to our customers, at the very top of the list is our dedication to quality. It is the premise we built the company around. For us, quality is nothing less than providing the best product on the marketplace, supported by a customer service effort which will make you feel very comfortable in your decision to make Wicks Unlimited your supplier of wick-clip assemblies and/or waxed wick on reels.

Seven Great Reasons to Choose Wicks Unlimited:

#1 Our Quality and Service

Testing for the best combination of wick, wax, and tabNot only will you reach a friendly, knowledgeable customer service representative when you call Wicks Unlimited but you will also enjoy the free guidance provided by our resident candle expert, Bruce Campbell, whose mission in life is to provide Wicks Unlimited customers with the best possible combination of wick, wax and tab for their particular applications.

Our free-of-charge confidential test burning lab provides our customers with real-world assurance that they will produce the best burning candle possible.

We also provide free samples for customers who are experimenting in-house or producing a pre-production test run.


#2 Our Quality of Product

If you ask just about any candle manufacturer what the most frustrating part about making a candle is, you'll probably hear that it's the production of the wick-clip assembly.

wick saturated to the coreWicks Unlimited's patented production machinery has been custom designed for quality, speed, accuracy, maintainability and minimal downtime. You won't find production machines like ours anywhere in the industry. From waxing the raw wick to cutting and tabbing the assembly, our production machinery surpasses that of anyone else's in the candle-making industry.

There doesn't need to be a tradeoff between quality and speed and Wicks Unlimited's engineers have proven it!

A simple, but extremely important example: Our dedication to quality can be found in our waxing equipment, which has been designed specifically to extract air from the wick and increase wax saturation into the core of the wick. This process not only provides a more even, predictable burn but also provides a more rigid wick-clip assembly to aid in the production of your candles. This process is available only from Wicks Unlimited.

#3 Our Unique Tab Crimping

The Crimp - A Dedication to Quality

The crimp is the final “signature” as to the quality of the wick-clip assembly. We measure the holding power of our crimp in terms of tensile strength, the pounds of pull necessary to separate the wick from the clip. Our computer controlled crimpers unfailingly crimp at 4.5 to 9.5 lbs. of tensile strength, individually determined for each specific application. This simply means that our crimp will meet or exceed all normal operating requirements for crimp hold.

Our patented crimping tool does not wear, is omnidirectional and does not require orientation. We have specifically designed our crimping tool's head to locate the center barrel of the clip and, by using an increased surface area, we exert more pressure on the wick core, without shearing the fibers. This insures a good crimp every time keeping the wick from pulling out.

The “Non-Puncturing Crimp”

Our standard crimp makes small piercings in the wall of the clip to allow for a tighter gripping of the wick, thereby increasing the overall tensile strength of the crimp. Because there are slight tears in the wall of the crimp, the liquid wax pool of the candle can be drawn into the clip and continue to fuel the flame. This does not pose a safety concern though, as the all important distance that the flame is maintained from the bottom of the jar is still determined by the height of the clip.

As an alternative, clips with an overall height of 6.0 mm (.236”) or more can be crimped using a “Non-Puncturing Crimp.” As the name implies, this special crimp is made higher up the barrel of the clip and does not pierce the metal. Therefore, when the wick-clip assembly is glued to the bottom of the container, the burn pool has no points of entry, and the wick is extinguished when the burn pool levels to the height of the clip.

#4 Our Wick Selection

We carry a full line of fine wicks including Atkins & Pearce, Wedo, Heinz and São Vitor.


 Atkins & Pearce   Wedo    Heinz Verhaegh   Sao Vitor

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#5 Our Tabs

wick clip collectionMade to the specifications of the Stimpson Co., the tabs used in every wick-clip assembly Wicks Unlimited makes are superior to those found elsewhere in the industry. They are of a thicker gauge steel and are tin coated to inhibit corrosion. Various neck lengths are provided depending upon individual needs and we offer additional Extra Safety Length clips for those customers preferring that extra measure of safety.

Our special self-centering wick-clip assemblies allow you to drop and pour, saving time, money, fingers and glue!

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#6 Our Wax Selection

Whether your candles require standard paraffin, high melt or 100% vegetable-based wick-wax, Wicks Unlimited can meet your requirements.

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#7 Make-and-Hold Contracts

Our make-and-hold contracts provide a guarantee of next day shipping on our customers' most critical wick-clip assemblies.

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