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Heinz Verhaegh  Candle Wicks Heinz Candle Wicks

Heinz wick is manufactured by Technical Braiding in Nettetal, Germany. We added the Heinz Stabilo, Stabilo KST, and PK series to our product line at the request of Customers already using this high quality wick, stating their preference for its burn characteristics and looking for a source to wax and tab it here in the United States.

Stabilo & Stabilo KST Wicks

Formerly known as CD and CDN wicks respectively, the Stabilo and Stabilo KST wicks are coreless, non-directional, flat braided wicks with a special paper filament woven around them.

This configuration is engineered to promote maximum and consistent capillary action while ensuring a wick trimming flame posture.The Stabilo series is used in many different applications and is especially compatible with the harder-to-melt viscous waxes of both paraffin and vegetable base. The Stabilo KST series of wick is identical to the Stabilo series except that it has been treated with a special patent-pending process to resist the corrosive action of the acidic nature of natural-based candle waxes.

Heinz PK

The PK wick is a non-directional paper core wick with a high quality washed cotton braid around it. The PK series of wick can be used with most waxes and is preferred for container candles which require a rigid cored wick with a concentric burn pool.

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