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Candle Wick Selection

The wick is undoubtedly the most important component of a successful candle, which is why we use
only the highest quality wick available from Atkins & Pearce, Wedo, Heinz and São Vitor. For CPSC
16CFR1500.17(a)(13) zinc core wick compliance, please click here.

Atkins & Pearce candle wicks

Atkins and Pearce is the leading supplier of candle wick to North America. Wicks Unlimited carries in inventory over 125 different wicks from Atkins and Pearce’s extensive line of high quality wicks... available for just-in-time shipment.

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Wedo candle wicks

Wedo, based in Nettetal, Germany, is a leading candle wick manufacturer in Europe. We found these wicks appealing due to their high quality of manufacture and the efficient burn characteristics which they exhibit. All Wedo wicks are made from pure long strand ring spun cotton and are attractively white in appearance.

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Heinz Verhaegh candle wicks

Heinz wick is manufactured by Technical Braiding in Nettetal, Germany. We added the Heinz Stabilo, Stabilo KST and PK series to our product line at the request of Customers already using this high quality wick, stating their preference for its burn characteristics and looking for a source to wax and tab it here in the United States.

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Wicks Unlimited candle wicks

At the request of customers looking for additional options in zinc and cotton cored wicks, Wicks Unlimited partnered with São Vitor to create our own WU line of wicks.

WU wicks have been designed for flawless burn and easy identifiability using fine, colored threads manufactured inside the wick itself.

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