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Wick-Clip Assembly Primer

One of the goals of every candle manufacturer is to obtain consistent burn through the entire length of the candle. This isn't as easy as it sounds; especially when the goal is repeatability across a wide range of candles which employ varying scent and dye combinations. Choice of wick, wick-wax, wick-tab, candle wax, scent and dye all combine to create the overall burn of that candle. There's no easy solution to achieving the correct combination of these elements. By and large, it is a matter of trial, error and experience.

At Wicks Unlimited, there are no shortcuts in the pursuit of a quality candle. Our dedication to quality ensures the best possible choices for all your candles.

To follow, we will discuss each of the components necessary in making the perfect wick-clip assembly, and why proper choices are critical to your candle.

Choosing the Right Wick

test burning the wicksChoosing the proper wick for your candle can be a daunting and bewildering task. We help you by narrowing your many choices and by test burning your candles in our lab to ensure that they will burn optimally from start to finish.


Employing our wealth of experience in test burning, with confidential wick selection and 'no charge' test burning service..

Find out more about choosing the right wick..


Choosing the Right Clip and Wick-Wax

wick clips

In the past, the clip was a “taken for granted” part of the candle. Today, the clip takes on new responsibility in providing an increasingly important measure of safety to the user.

Whether your candles require standard paraffin, high melt or 100% soy-based wick-wax, Wicks Unlimited is prepared to meet your specifications.

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Why It's Important

All about centering the wick, adequate crimp pressure, uniform wick height, self-extinguishing wick tabs, avoiding tails in your wick clip assemblies, and preventing wick collapse.

Other physical considerations in choosing your wick, wax, clip and wick clip assemblies..

Why it's important..

flawless burning candleCommon Burn Issues


The proper wick for any given candle provides a correctly sized burn pool, does not extinguish before its wax is exhausted and has a safe, pleasant flame height.

A discussion of common burn issues: Excessive flame height, incorrect wick sizing, afterglow and mushroom capping, and how to prevent them.

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Combustion 101

Wicks Unlimited's combustion guide: Diagrams for ideal complete combustion, incomplete combustion, vaporization of fuel, fuel reduction, and other combustion terms.

Combustion 101..

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