Wicks Unlimited, a division of Stimpson Company, Inc.


We've searched the market place for the finest wick-waxes. Wicks Unlimited offers a choice of three different wick-waxes: Standard, High Melt, and Vegetable wick-wax.

All of our waxing machines are engineered and built to our exacting specifications and are exclusive to Wicks Unlimited.

Our goal in the design of these machines was 100% predictability in the quality of the waxed wick, whether used in the production of our wick-clip assemblies, or sold on reels to our customers.

Choose the Appropriate Wick-Wax

When using non-metal cored wicks, there is the potential of the wick-wax melting and the wicks floating upon pour. A similar situation can occur in a 180° burn pool where the standard wick-wax will melt, and the wick may wind up floating in the burn pool.

These issues can be rectified by using a 210° high melt wax in conjuction with the non-metal cored wicks.

Wicks Unlimited Wick-Waxes

Description Nature Drop Melt Point
Standard Wick-Wax Paraffin Based 162° F
High Melt Wick-Wax Paraffin Based 210° F
Vegetable Wick-Wax Vegetable Based 176° F

Wax Penetration of Wick

Wax Saturated to the Core diagram

There is a difference in Wick-Waxing

Wicks Unlimited’s waxing procedures saturate the wick to its core by gently forcing air out of the raw wick. This allows the wick to burn in a more uniform and predictable manner, and makes it easier to work with in production.

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