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Atkins and Pearce is the leading supplier of candle wick to North America. Wicks Unlimited carries in inventory over 125 different wicks from Atkins and Pearce’s extensive line of high quality wicks... available for just-in-time shipment.

Cotton and Paper Core Wicks

A cotton outer braid surrounds an inner filament of cotton or paper. Both wicks are commonly used in votives, pillars and containers and are constructed with 100% natural fibers.

The cotton core wick produces the hottest flame of all cored wick which helps control carbon buildup. The paper core wick produces a cooler flame than the cotton core but offers more rigidity.

Zinc Core Wicks

This wick has a cotton outer braid surrounding a thin filament of zinc. Zinc core wick produces the coolest flame and offers the most rigidity of all cored wick, providing support during pouring and burning.

Concern over trace elements of lead has resulted in the Consumer Product Safety Commission defining a lead cored wick to be one containing greater than .06% lead by weight in the metal. Zinc wire has a maximum level of lead impurities of .004%, well below the standard.

HTP Wicks

The HTP wick is flat braided in design, but with thin paper fibers intertwined. The result is a cleaner burning, self-trimming wick with additional structural strength, controlled curling and a hotter, more efficient flame.

Combined with Wicks Unlimited’s high melt wax coating, the HTP wick is an excellent alternative in hard-to-burn applications and is a good all around choice for paraffin, gel and vegetable candles that require hotter burn conditions.

Performa Wicks

Performa wick is a non-curling flat braided wick with a high stalk height. These features promote a more symmetrical wax pool and self-trimming posture. Its reinforced design provides increased rigidity in the wax pool as well as in drawing some of the harder to burn viscous waxes.

Performa wick is appropriate for applications such as tapers, pillars, beeswax, viscous waxes and medium to large containers.

Ply Wicks

Ply wick has a decorative appearance and is commonly used in dipped or molded self-supporting candles, such as tapers and pillars. This wick is designed to provide a slight bend when burned, which allows for an even burn and a reduction of carbon formation at the wick’s tip.

Aroma-Lite Wicks

A corded wick constructed of 100% natural fibers. This newest generation of Atkins & Pearce wick is specially engineered to burn in candle systems with high levels of fragrance.

This blend of all-natural braided textiles is designed especially for those tough-to-burn container and pillar systems. Aroma-Lite is also designed to reduce and/or inhibit carbon heading.

Square Braided Wicks

This is a square braided, bleached cotton wick, structurally having a very open matrix and slight curl when burning to minimize carbon buildup. Its open construction and chemical treatment process makes it an excellent choice for waxes that are highly viscous when melted, like beeswax and vegetable wax.

Citronella Wicks

This wick is ideal for buckets and large jars. It is made from oversized cotton to provide the highest output of citronella.

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